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Psychological safety

“Psychological safety is a shared belief among team members that the team is safe from taking interpersonal risks.”
The above definition by Prof Dr. Amy Edmondson focuses on the team perspective of psychological safety. In addition to the team perspective, there is also the individual perspective and the organizational perspective.

In the training on psychological safety we look at all three of these perspectives. The following topics are covered:

  • What is psychological safety?
  • What are the benefits of psychological safety?
  • How does it work in our brains?
  • A metaphor for looking at psychological safety
  • How safe am I and how do I know?
  • What can I do for myself to feel safe
  • How can I express my needs in a safe way

This training is offered to both employees and managers. The following topics are also discussed by managers:

  • How safe is my team?
  • How do I create psychological safety within my team?
  • How do I have this conversation with the team?
  • How do I have this conversation with one team member?

Result for leaders:
A good understanding of what psychological safety is
An understanding of the benefits of psychological safety
The ability to recognize the signs of (in)safety
The tools to have a conversation about safety with the team
The tools to have a conversation about safety with the team
The knowledge to build a psychologically safe environment
An action plan to continue developing the steps to build that safe environment

Psychological safety

Would you first like to know how psychologically safe your team or organization is? Complete the questionnaire below and receive an immediate answer.

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Psychological safety

People who have trained with us on this topic share:

“You have to feel the support to open up and be able to trust and feel empathy. The practice was very useful. To share with colleagues. I will support my team with the building blocks. Now in this day and age it may be more important than ever. It will help them to get the best out of themselves. My goal is that the team will work great together even when I’m not there. ”

“For me this was the best session so far. You really succeeded in creating an environment where we could have an open dialogue. Everyone was heard and that was so nice for the energy. Thank you very much for this session.” 

“After assessing the team, I now know much better how to deal with the issues that arise. It is a good basis to better understand the people in my team. I will use the building blocks in my role as a leader”

“It will help me to add more structure to my conversations. I will use the structure to make my conversations with the team easier”

“I’ve been given some practical ideas about how to build that safety and I’ll use the metaphor in a team meeting to see where people are and what they need”

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