OMG! stands for tailor-made leadership training

OMG specializes in leadership training and coaching. For almost ten years, we have been facilitating both online and on-site leaders and professionals with a wide range of topics.
Why “tailor-made”? Because we know from our expertise which theories underlie behavior and we know that each individual is unique. Your organization is unique and that is why we only deliver custom work. Whether you want advice on an organizational level, tailor-made training, or coaching for a manager who wants to develop further, but can use some help with that; we have it at home at OMG Advice. We always start with a free, exploratory meeting and then make you a tailor-made proposal that you may or may not use. Call or email us to see how we can help you further.


Lies Wouters is a wonderfully engaging presenter that has great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative course.”

Sharon Clara Thien

After Lies had twice given us a training on positive psychology, it soon went through the building: it was fantastic! Good content, she also drew a group with a difficult dynamic among themselves. I had never experienced this before: that more and more colleagues asked if they could also follow this training. The training eventually became the most popular training in the organization, which colleagues volunteered for in large numbers. Nice, because of course that is much better than when you send people to training. Even after the training Lies thought along in a very pleasant way about how we as an organization could move forward.

Nancy Peeters

Her own positivity and passion act as a living example for the work she does.

What customers say about Lies

Marion is so progressive in her field Moreover, she has a genuine interest in the human being that is reflected in her approach in training.

What customers say about Marion

I followed the training positive leadership/coaching with great pleasure at Lies. With lies’ tips and handles I am consciously becoming competent and would like to go to unconsciously competent. It is inspiring to work with Lies, she is a good coach, very focused on my own company Fit4lady Schagen. She has a lot of experience in the field of leadership, which works well. The positive feedback gives me a lot of positive energy.

Lies thanks! Sporting greetings, Nathalie Raadgers.

Nathalie Raadgers

    Contributing to a beautiful sustainable world

    The employees of OMG! have something else in common. Namely that we want to contribute to a beautiful, sustainable world. The way we try to do that is by helping people within organizations to take good care of themselves and take good care of the people around them. Because we believe that if people feel good about themselves and can do a good job, they also make smarter (and more sustainable) choices.


    In addition to the work we do for organizations, we also conduct scientific research into human behavior within organizations. For example, in 2018 we completed research into resilience, which we did in collaboration with Shell. Since 2019, scientific research has also been conducted into psychological safety and how you can build it up. Are you interested in contributing to this research? Please contact us via

    OMG! stands for tailor-made leadership training

    At OMG! we do not believe in a standard approach. Every person inside the organization is different. That is why we think it is important to first talk to our customer for every question and to make the offer seamlessly match the need. We use the knowledge from science to help you and your organization in our advice, in a training or in coaching.