Who we are

OMG is a Dutch abbreviation and refers to ‘tailormade’.

Because every individual is unique and so is every organisation and the question you have.

My name is Lies Wouters-Soomers and I started the company OMG over 10 years ago to offer people and organisations tailormade advice and help in their development.

There is no way I can do this by myself. And luckily I don’t have to.

With a continuously growing network of trainers and coaches throughout the world, we work together to offer tailormade programs for organisations small and large.

Depending on the need of the organisations or the person we look for the best fit. On this page you will find various profiles of professionals that have collaborated with OMG in the past and are able to do so in the future. Next to this outstanding, skilled and experienced colleagues is an even greater network of professionals that we can fly in when needed.

We listen to your situation and offer the experts that are best suited for to help you.

Who we are

Lies Wouters-Soomers

Organisational psychologist, trainer, coach and author of the book ‘Lead your team toward a better World’.

Lies helps organisations when it comes to professional development. Since many years she does research into psychological safety as a foundation for optimal functioning, positive leadership and a healthy organisation. She trains and coaches both leaders and individuals in conducting difficult conversations. This can be feedback conversation in regards to performance or to unacceptable behaviour. It can also be conversations to explain your own needs in order to give good performance.

Her mission is to contribute to a better world where people can be themselves within the boundaries of what is good for the organisation.

Who we are

Marije Laverman

Organisational psychologist and coach

Bureau Marije

Marije is a very experienced coach with a lot of knowledge in the field of work and happiness. She also has good knowledge of the legislation regarding absenteeism in the Netherlands. You can contact her for a broad spectrum of work-related issues as well as personal issues. She is a down-to-earth and practical person, which is reflected in her way of working.

Who we are

Dr. Günther Endres

Coach and Team developer

Partner des Wandels

Günther is coach and team developer with a passion for the human side of change. He is experienced in unlocking the individual potential of team leaders and accompanying them in making their teams thrive. He comes from a background of many years of personal experience as human being, consultant and manager. His mission is the transformation for personal growth, for collaboration and co-creation. Contributing to a better and humane world of business for him also means that success includes healthy and happy leaders and teams.

Who we are

Nienke Dikmans

HR Advisor, trainer and coach

With 15 years of experience in guiding and coaching directors in their collaboration, she knows the tricks of the trade. With a background in HR, she understands the different interests of the representatives in the MT. She focuses on encouraging more people to express themselves, address them and understand others better. Nienke believes that if we work together in harmony, everyone will achieve their full potential in their work. Then you feel connection and trust with each other. Ultimately, this results in collaboration with productive teams that keep agreements!

Who we are

Fredrik Fogelberg

Organisational psychologist, trainer and executive coach

Fredrik Fogelberg is an organisational psychologist, specialized in leadership development and team facilitation in international organisations. He has over 30 years of international, corporate experience, as well as experience as a consultant.

Who we are

Marieke de Boer

Trainer & coach

Marieke de Boer has a background in theater and drama, supplemented over the years with numerous training courses in the field of coaching, training, Gestalt, Quantum Psychology, online training and process guidance of changes. She carries out assignments for small to large (international) companies, often in IT. Together with you, she knows how to achieve the desired results in an unconventional way. She places great emphasis on the conditions that optimize the results of coaching and training: the ‘climate’ within an organization. After all: the more the ambitions of the individual participant(s) of coaching and training and the ambitions of the company overlap, the greater the effect.

Who we are

Christine Wirths

Intercultural consultant & trainer

In her role as consultant, facilitator or coach – she invites people to change perspective. She invests her energy so that people better understand themselves and each other and go into a more respectful, open and efficient exchange. Each encounter, each conversation and each group situation is designed differently, depending on people’s individuality and the complexity of the overall context. Her goal is to contribute to avoiding and solving conflicts. She inspires people to discover the opportunities and advantages of diversity. Her courage to be open, creative and flexible helps herself and our clients.

Who we are

Dani Márquez Piris

Online Learning Consultant, eLearning Design, Video Editing

Blue Synapsis

Dani Márquez Piris, founder of Blue Synapsis, has been in the online learning industry since 2016. Blue Synapsis specializes in creating engaging, effective, and enjoyable learning experiences. Known for their commitment to creativity, reliability, and efficiency, Dani prioritizes client support throughout the process. Whether it’s crafting e-learning modules, refining videos, or orchestrating online training programmes, Blue Synapsis delivers an exceptional client experience in the online learning landscape.

OMG Advies

OMG specializes in training and coaching for professionals. For over ten years, we facilitate both online and onsite sessions for leaders and professionals on a wide range of topics.


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