Working as a team with a board game. How nice is that? Based on the game, the participants learn together to set goals in a way that they contribute to their resilience. Moreover, the players play against the game together and it therefore promotes the group feeling. During the game, the team members encounter different situations, have to deal with windfalls and setbacks and regularly have to make choices. Because of the game format, the team members “forget” to behave in a socially desirable way, which brings out the “true” behavior that also happens in the workplace. This gives the coach the opportunity to observe and register the dynamics, resilience and patterns of the team and of the team members in a short time (the game lasts 1.5-2h). On the basis of an actual feedback after the game, this dynamic also becomes very clear to the team members themselves, and they then make a development plan together. Quote team leader Shell: “I have been doing all kinds of training with this team for more than a year to work more efficiently, but only now do I understand that I have to approach it completely differently.” This article about the game was published in the magazine for Positive Psychology in April 2017: Resilience in the game The game can be used as a one-off intervention or as part of a team development process. Interested how that works? Please contact us via 

Do you want to play the game yourself with a team? 

Then follow the “Game Changer” training. You will learn the scientific background of the game, how the board works and why. In one whole and two half days you will learn how to play and guide the game. What is important in the observation and how do you feed it back? At the end of the course you can explain to a team how the game is going, what happens during the game and you can help the team plan the necessary follow-up steps. Moreover, at the end of the course you will receive the Game Changer certificate and the board game. 

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