Team coaching can be beneficial in different situations. Here are some scenarios where hiring a coach may be beneficial as a team:

  1. Team conflict: If there are tensions or conflicts within the team that are hindering productivity, team coaching can help identify and resolve these issues.
  2. Changes within the team: When a team is going through a change, such as adding new members, changes in leadership or new goals, team coaching can help facilitate a smooth transition and build a shared vision.
  3. Improving team performance: If a team wants to improve its performance, team coaching can help identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth, and develop strategies to improve performance.
  4. Developing team dynamics: Team coaching can be used to improve team dynamics, such as communication, collaboration and building trust between team members.
  5. Achieving Common Goals: If a team is struggling to set or achieve common goals, team coaching can help define clear objectives and develop a plan to achieve them.

With team coaching, a needs analysis is always done in advance. What is the current state of the team and what is the goal the team wants to work towards. Depending on the situation, we will also propose one or more interviews in advance, during which additional information about the team will be collected with key figures during an interview in order to adapt the coaching as best as possible to the situation.

In addition to standard coaching, we also offer two game formats for teams:

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