Psychological Safety Game

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Enter the world of psychological safety with our game, where openness and trust are the key to success. Discover how to create an environment where everyone feels free to share ideas, provide feedback, and make mistakes without fear of rejection or judgment. Play along and learn how to build a culture of respect and understanding, where collaboration and growth thrive. Dare to be yourself and experience the power of psychological safety in this fascinating game!

Using a metaphor, the participants learn a shared language that lowers the barrier to conversation. By portraying the metaphor in space and actually taking your place on the map, the conversation becomes even clearer and more valuable. It immediately gives an idea of the story.

Quote teamleader international organisation:
When we all stood on the map, I suddenly realized what we were doing to each other. How nice to immediately receive the tools and practice how we can support each other in this instead of pushing each other down.

Quote project leader:
I really enjoyed it, it was educational and it helped me a lot to determine my own place in the team.

Psychological Safety Game

The game can be offered in combination with the book “Lead your team toward a better world”; where the methodology is once again broadly explained and various exercises are offered to practice with the tools.

The game can be used as a one-off intervention, or as part of a team development process. Interested in how that works? Please contact us at

Psychological Safety Game
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