Compassionate Leadership Training

“Compassion will save the world”

                                                                   Dalai Lama

When leaders can develop the skill to be compassionate with themselves and with their team members, they can create an environment where people can open up, grow and be healthy and successful. 

Every person has shown compassion before in their life. It is not a new skill. It is however a skill that most of us have not spent much time developing. Also, how can you be a compassionate leader without letting people slack or walk all over you? Research shows that this is a skill that can be developed and developing it can lead to high-performing teams.

More importantly: Sustainable High-Performing Teams.

In this new leadership program, you will find a combination of theory and practice. It is a highly engaging, interactive program through a well-thought-through mixture of methods. The theory delivered in online sessions is supported by scientific articles and explanatory videos on demand. Both reflective exercises and peer group work help you to put the theory into practice.

Do you want to develop your skills and become a compassionate leader that grows your team sustainably to success?

Contact us now via email or phone and we will send you a tailor-made offer for you and your colleagues.

For who?

People that lead other people either functional or hierarchical, have experience in leadership and want to lead their team toward sustainable high-performance.

This training can be offered either online or face-to-face or as a combination. The setup of the training is designed to learn from the content as well as from experience. By the end of the program, each participant presents their learning and action plan to continue the change on the work floor.