Who am I?

DSC09872OMG Advies is owned by Lies Wouters and is originally a Dutch company. Lies Wouters, owner and psychologist is from origin Belgian, but lived in the United Kingdom, in Spain, and now for +10 years in the Netherlands.

After working as a manager for several years, Lies became more and more interested in what makes companies successful.
The conclusion: the people that are in it!

She quit her job to go back to university to study organizational psychology. During this time she learned a lot about the human brain, about social processes and also about recent research in positive psychology and how that can add value for organizations.

“I was able to place all that new knowledge into the real world thanks to my many years working as an international account manager and later as a commercial manager. The combination of my experience and the knowledge I gathered at university brought me to the idea of starting OMG!. OMG stands for ‘op maat gemaakt’, which is Dutch for ‘tailor made’. As a manager I received a lot of training myself and was lucky enough to receive some very high quality training. However, what I noticed is that, however good the training was, most of the time it did not really fit our need. With OMG I want to make sure that every training I develop and offer is adjusted to the needs of that particular customer. I bring the science and practice together to offer a thoroughly tailor made product.”