Leadership Training: How to lead your team during Covid times?

Leadership Training: How to lead your team during Covid times?

It is clear that the pandemic has had an effect on all of us. It has effected us, our business, our way of working and certainly our way of leading our team. Leaders who already had successful teams are struggling to keep the connection with their team members during Covid-times. Leaders who have new teams or changing teams experience this challenge even more. When we talk about Covid-times we refer to both the impact of having to work mostly from home as the mental impact of living in a world where people are afraid for their health, have less contact with their family and friends and are influenced by conflicting information on social media. To maintain the same connection with our team as we had before it is not enough that we lead in the same way through technology. Compensating for the loss of working together in the same space is not enough. We need to learn new behaviour that allows us to continue to build that connection across distance. This training helps you develop your own new behaviour, gives you feedback on what you are doing already and helps you to make use of the fact that we are working across distance instead of compensate for the loss of being face to face. 

For who?

People who lead teams that need to collaborate that are now working (mostly) from home. 


  • What is the impact of Covid-times on yourself? 
  • What is the impact of Covid-times on my team members? 
  • How do you recognize how your team members are doing when you work across distance? 
  • Which new behaviour do you want to add to your leadership style to deal with the consequences of the times we live in? 
  • How do you support your team in Covid-times? 
  • What do you need from yourself to lead in Covid-times?
  • What else does your team need from you as their leader?

This training takes place online and consists of two meetings of 2 hours. We offer a combination of theory and practice. We build on the skills that are already there and people get comprehensive feedback on both what they are already doing well and about the behaviour they would like to add.